Bed Bug Treatment

Our Bed Bug Treatment is guaranteed for 60 days!

Using State of the Art Super Heat Machine

Instructions for Bed Bug Treatment:

You need to remove all clothing from your dresser drawers. Put these items in the sealed bags until after the treatment; then you should take items out of the bags and put them in the dryer for about 30 minutes before putting them back in their places. All your dresser drawers will be opened so the heat can get to the interior of your dresser.

Remove all aerosol cans, crayons, candles and anything that will melt, burst or explode due to the extreme heat from the treatment.

After treatment you will need to leave the home for approximately twenty four (24) hours or as soon as we pick up the machines (approximately 8:00 AM the next morning in most cases).

If after ten days and you still see activity, give us a call back.